Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask Eye Pillow | Better Sleep, Reduced Anxiety & Increased Relaxation with Patented Design and Deep Touch Pressure Science | BPA Free Gel Therapy Microbeads (Pink)


As seen on QVC, nodpod is like A Hug for Your Head. Sleep better and feel better with nopdpod!

How It Works: Nodpod is a weighted eye mask. When gentle pressure and weight is applied to the body, it has a profound effect on the sensory system, like a hug. This science is known as Deep Touch Pressure and it is the clinical phenomenon behind the benefits of nodpod and similar self care products.

Nodpod uses our patented Deep Touch Pressure design to promote deeper, more restful sleep, and other life benefits like relaxation, stress relief, reduced anxiety, and more.

Instructions: Nodpod’s design is elastic-free and velcro-free to be one size fits all and work in any position. We know you don’t always sleep on your back, so your weighted eye mask shouldn’t force you to! Use nodpod on your back, stomach or side, or even sitting up.

Lay freely or secure more tightly with the pull-through slit design.

Nodpod’s BPA-free microbeads are scent-free and 100% machine washable. Do not put in the microwave.

How To Use It: however feels good! Nodpod is custom designed with a double-edged material for dual comfort. On one side is the cooling jersey cotton edge for when you need to chill out, on the other is the warm microfiber for when you need to warm up and get cozy.

For even more cooling benefits, toss your nodpod in the freezer! It will remain flexible and soft while retaining icey cold comfort.

Nodpod is for more than just sleeping. Eye pillows and cold compression masks have major benefits for migraines, headaches, cold & sinus pain and congestion.