Neurologist explains the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique

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My name is Doctor Gary Kaplan, I'm a neurologist and practice at "Pro Health" in New York and I'm a clinical associate professor of neurology New York University school of medicine. I've been practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique since I was freshman in college and I noticed from the first meditation whether I was trying or not trying just naturally calmness, a kind of peace came over my mind and a sense of relief and a real quietness in the physiology as well.

Question: What are the mechanics of Transcendental Meditation?

Dr Gary Kaplan: Well we know that the mind and body are intimately connected. With Transcendental Meditation we have a mental technique, a very simple, effortless, natural mental technique. We experience a thought on quieter and quieter levels of the mind in a very natural and spontaneous way. What's happening since the mind and body are intimately related, physiologically we have a profound change. The physiology starts to gain a type of rest that is different and in some ways much more profound than the kind of rest that it gets during deep sleep or during dreaming. So the body enjoys this unique profound rest while the mind expands and settles down and gains this heightened alertness. This is what scientists would call a wakeful hyper metabolic state. In other words a state of restful alertness. Naturally and easily maintain this state of restful alertness during the Transcendental Meditation technique.