Natural Indigestion Relief Wellness Shots, 12-Count Box – Formula with Ginger and Other Herbs for Digestive Support by FYLO


For centuries, cultures around the world have unlocked the power of bitter herbs, the active ingredients in FYLO, for natural remedies that range from promoting digestive enzyme production to relieving heartburn, upset stomach and bloating. FYLO was expertly formulated to kickstart your digestive system and promote radiant, lasting digestive health. Drink FYLO before a meal to prime digestion, after a meal to relieve GI discomfort, or as a supplement to promote overall digestive system health and unlock the benefits of our specially designed formula. Each of FYLO’s herbs was specifically targeted for their unique digestive enhancing qualities. The proprietary formula includes ginger root, peppermint leaf, chamomile, dandelion root, juniper berry, milk thistle and cinnamon bark. Traditional cultures have long understood the health benefits of bitter herbs, but much of this wisdom has completely vanished from the modern diet. Consuming bitter herbs regularly has been shown to: 1. Promote natural digestive enzyme production 2. Relieve heartburn, upset stomach or bloating 3. Ease mild constipation and regulate bowel movements 4. Balance appetite and ease sugar cravings 5. Support liver function and healthy skin 6. Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels