Muslin Cloth Organic cotton muslin Makeup Removal Oil Cleansing Method for healthy skin x 2 (2)


The beauty requires commitment, choosing a cheap product may cause a heavy loss. Always choose a product that is a pure description of superior standards. Muslin face cloth is pure justification of quality: quality that values your skin beauty. The need of deep natural cleaning can be fulfilled by the muslin face cloth. Made up with the 100% pure cotton; the softness gives you feeling that you fall in love with the muslin face cloth ,after all it’s all about caring. We are much concern about your beauty, we always provide you the solutions that are most effective. Muslin face cloth is a skin friendly product. Whatever is your skin type our product is perfect match. The gentle exfoliation sloughs away dead skin cells. It boosts the blood circulation which may results an attractive glowing skin. What about having a spa at home experience, ginger chi purifying facial oil and muslin face cloth can be a marvelous combination; this combination can give miraculously stunning results. Dispense few drops of cleanser into the palm, massage you face with your figures; the best way to massage is to gentle upward circular strokes from face to neck , T-zone is an area where oil and dirt accumulate the most concentrate on the T-zone for the most effective out comes. For makeup removal rub the muslin cloth gently around the eyes. Muslin cloth can also be source of ultimate relaxation, muslin cloth wet with warm water : speared on the face allows your pores to open and tension of the day just got melted with in the matter of seconds. We assure you that muslin cloth takes much care for your skin, you will experience the difference after using it; the clean dewy soft skin you deserve the best.

Note: Red ribbon not included.