Music Sleep Eye Mask with Wired Headphones Stereo Speaker, Comfortable Sleep Noise Canceling Earphones, Perfect for Air Travel, Meditation & Relaxation, Best Christmas Gifts (Dark Gray)


Eye mask speaker
The eye mask is designed to block out light so users can relax and rest their eyes. The surface come into contact with eye is so cool and smooth like silk against your face. It allows healthy oxygen in while keeping dry air out, making you relax into a static state of peace and tranquility during travel, shift work, or in-bed. Besides, with built-in speaker, you can enjoy sooth music when take a nap, it is perfect for siesta and traveling.

Ergonomics Design Eye Mask
Comfort supported by selected fabric, curved edges, ultra-thin speakers as well as the velcro: adjustable length of the eye mask to fit; less pressure for brow ridge and nose ridge; soft silk like interior liner to provide a smooth and cool touching against your face; magnetic material has therapeutic qualities as well the hydrophobic qualities

Unique music speaker design
Unique headset speaker design makes you listen to music well when wearing the eye mask.

Soft silicone interface
With a 3.5mm Aux cable , compatible with all kinds of phones , and it is easy to connect the eye mask to the phone.
Smaller than a cellphone, can be easily put in your tote or backpack, perfect for flight, train traveling.
When wearing this eye mask, you can keep beauty as usual!


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