Montage Lifestyle Soy Wax Candle Gift Set -Bliss- Aromatherapy Candles for De-Stress and Relaxation with 100% Pure Essential Oils- Handmade in Greece


Zen is a Meditation Aromatherapy Candle, it helps lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and leave you feeling energized. It allows you to feel peaceful, relaxed and content; Zen Candle can boost self-esteem and confidence, it relieves stress and anxiety, and induce a feeling of high spirits and confidence.


Suggestions:  if you’re feeling down or defeated, light this candle as a pick-me-up. It has properties that can help fight depression, boost self-esteem and confidence. It’s also perfect to light this candle when you’re doing meditation or yoga, or simply need a moment of calmness and stress relief especially after a long day of work.

Sweet Dreams is a sleep aromatherapy candle. Indulge yourself in this refreshing and peaceful scent, this aromatherapy sleep candle consists of Lavender Oil; Patchouli Oil; Mandarin Cold Pressed Oil; Marjoram Oil; Jojoba Oil; Geranium Bourbon Oil; Chamomile Roman Oil .

These essential oils can help fight the sense of depression, removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness and reduce anxiety. The calming, stress and anxiety relieving properties of this candle can promote healthy sleep and fight insomnia. It can bring you to dreamland in no time.



Our candles are made from certified Non-GMO Soy Wax and Lead-Free Cotton Wick.

This is a clean burning candle with approximately 60-Hour and 15-Hour burn time respectively.

Hand-poured in Greece.

It makes a perfect gift for any occasion! The candle comes in a gift box.

This is a great value Aromatherapy Candle set. It comes with special designed votive candle tumbler! It makes a great travel candle!!