Molecular Models 214 Piece Organic and Stereochemistry Set


Molecular Models set is used to study of organic and inorganic chemistry, and can be adapted to biochemistry. Students can use the set to model organic structures, cyclic compounds, and the concept of stereoisomerism for detailed examination. The set consists of 214 pieces for assembly: (35) white semi-sphere hydrogen monovalent atoms, (16) black carbon tetrahedral atoms-23.0mm, (6) black carbon trigonal bipyramidal atoms-23.0mm, (4) blue nitrogen tetrahedral atoms-23.0mm, (8) red oxygen divalent atoms-23.0mm, (8) green halogen monovalent atoms-17.0mm, (2) brown bromine monovalent atoms-17.0mm, (2) orange iodine monovalent atoms-17.0mm, (6) white hydrogen monovalent atoms-17.0mm, (2) gray metal octahedral atoms-23.0mm, (6) pink p orbitals, (6) purple p orbitals, (45) gray rigid bonds-27.0mm, (12) gray flexible bonds-43.0mm, and (55) white short links. The atom centers are solid plastic for durability, and are in common angular orientations for ease of use. The set includes a tool for removing bonds.

Molecular Models Company manufactures molecular sets, kits, and individual expansion parts for use in chemistry research and educational settings. The company, founded in 1967, is headquartered Beloit, WI.

What’s in the Box?
  • (35) white semi-sphere hydrogen monovalent atoms
  • (16) black carbon tetrahedral atoms
  • (6) black carbon trigonal bipyramidal atoms
  • (4) blue nitrogen tetrahedral atoms
  • (8) red oxygen divalent atoms
  • (8) green halogen monovalent atoms
  • (2) brown bromine monovalent atoms
  • (2) orange iodine monovalent atoms
  • (6) white hydrogen monovalent toms
  • (2) gray metal octahedral atoms
  • (6) pink p orbitals
  • (6) purple p orbitals
  • (45) gray rigid bonds
  • (12) gray flexible bonds
  • (55) white short links
  • (1) bond removal tool