Mellow Mood Mastery: Eliminate Stress From Your Life To Achieve Relaxation And A Mellow Mood (Mood Therapy, Mood Swings, Stress Management, Relaxation … Coaching, Happy For No Reason, Meditation)

Mellow Mood Mastery: Eliminate Stress From Your Life To Achieve Relaxation And A Mellow Mood

The word “stress” didn’t exist 90 years ago. Today, it is an everyday word. In fact, stress has always been there, even when we didn’t know what to call it.

Even those who struggle to define stress know it when they feel it. The scientific definition is “a condition where an environmental demand surpasses the natural regulatory capacity of an organism.” When your circumstances at least seem to overwhelm your capacity to cope, you experience stress. This can vary from mild stressors such as the daily office grind, all the way to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as experienced by combat veterans and disaster victims. Regardless of what causes our particular stress, we have some capacity to manage it. This book is written to provide an understanding of how stress works and how we can successfully manage our responses to produce a more relaxed and contented mood. If you are involved in a highly competitive job, a troubled marriage, or happen to have teenagers right now, this book will be a helpful read!

In Mellow Mood Mastery, you will learn:

  • How to recognize the physical signs or symptoms of stress (in case you are in denial)
  • How stress negatively affects four different body systems
  • Three simple ways to diagnose levels of stress
  • How to identify your personal stressors
  • How to record specific information to access your stress
  • How to do 10 simple body relaxation techniques
  • How to spot 5 forms of mental stress and learn step-by-step strategies to relieve it
  • How reorganize cluttered surroundings to reduce stress
  • Ways you can manage stress better through better health habits.

The author, Jane Parslow, is a practitioner of yoga and meditation as well as being active as a scuba diver. Through her exposure to various cultures through her travels, she has accumulated the best of the world to share with you. She says, “It is my utmost belief that maintaining a healthy body and mind, through persistent training techniques, is a definite route to happiness.” Now, it is your opportunity to take advantage of her expertise and wise counsel in learning to deal with those stressors in your life.

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