Mellow Mood Mastery: Eliminate Stress From Your Life To Achieve Relaxation And A Mellow Mood (Mood Therapy, Mood Swings, Stress Management, Relaxation And Stress Reduction, Life Coaching)


The word “stress” has been thrown around quite often, probably by you, too. However, when asked what it means exactly, some might even feel more stressed at the thought of defining the word. This chapter takes care of that for you. After all, it is important to understand what stress is, so you can determine the right ways to overcome it. The most accurate explanation of stress is actually still under debate among experts, but to make things easy for everyone, let’s consider at its etymology. The word “stress” was coined by an endocrinologist from Austria named Hans Selye. He defines it as “a physiological and emotional response.” He derived the term from the Latin word “stringere,” which means “to draw tight.” It was in the 1930s when Selye encountered the stress response as he conducted studies with animals at McGill University in Montreal. On the other hand, the widely accepted scientific definition explains stress as “a condition where an environmental demand surpasses the natural regulatory capacity of an organism.” In other words, stress is what you feel in a threatening situation once you determine that you cannot cope with it. The more challenging a situation is, the higher your stress level is. It is important to remember that the individual has a significant amount of control over how the situation affects him or her. In this book, you will learn how to reflect on your current lifestyle and find out the causes of your stress. Once you have identified your stressors, you will receive a guide on how to make use of many different types of stress-relieving strategies for your body and mind. You will also find plenty of tips to help you build healthy habits for a happy and stress-free daily routine.