Meditation: Yoga Used To Improve Love, Body, Mind and Spiritual Growth (Present moment, Meditation healing, Spirituality now, Improve self, Improve confidence, … Meditation and relaxation, Power of now)

Experience the Life-Force Energies of the Earth – Start Practicing Yoga and Zen Meditation Today!

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Do you want to tap into energies beyond your senses? Would you like to lose weight and gain peace-of-mind? Are you interested in the physical and mental health benefits that Yoga and Meditation practices can bring?

If so, then Meditation: Yoga, Buddhism, Self Help Meditation, and Self Love is the book for you!

Our body is a collection of collaborating energy units: organs, tissues, etc. This energy vibrates at levels that our five senses can perceive: we can see colors and distance, pick up air vibrations as sound, touch objects and notice its many properties, feel heat, and so on. You’ll learn about the Life Force energy that unites the workings of these many parts – which vibrates at higher frequencies than our senses can understand.

Are you curious about Zen and Yoga poses? Would you like to know their purpose, and the religious significance of these practices?

The postures and body movements of Zen and Yoga are not some kind of a religious ritual, but are simply meant to calm down the outward-focused energies of our body – so we can sense higher-order energies.

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This interesting book teaches you to get in contact with the higher frequencies of the persistent Life Force within us. This energy is pure love, harmony, and beauty – and presents itself in the magnificent complexity of life on Earth.

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