Meditation: Ultimate Meditation Guide To Achieving – Happiness, Fitness, Spiritual Growth, and Longevity (Neuro Linguistic Programming, Anger Management, … Pain Management, Relaxation Techniques)

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In this new age, we are presented with numerous ways to achieve happiness and how to fight back against the stress that life brings upon us.

Every human being deserves to be at his or her absolute best! We don’t allow any form of negativity to penetrate in our lives, and that is why we have tools that we can use to prevent whatever comes our way and have the wisdom to tackle any difficult situation.

Meditation: Ultimate Meditation Guide To Achieving – Happiness, Fitness, Spiritual Growth, and Longevity is a book that will take you to the very basic form of handling any form of negativity. You may be familiar with the word ‘meditation’ but haven’t practiced it well enough to master it.

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  • The ‘What’ And ‘Why’ Of Meditation?
  • Basic Instructions For Meditation
  • The Breathing
  • How Should You Come Out Of Meditation?
  • You’ll be surprised to reap the wonderful benefits of meditation like:

  • Emotional stability
  • Decrease in anxiety
  • Peace of mind
  • Sharpened mind
  • Strong immune system
  • Personal transformation
  • And many more!

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    Comments From Other Readers

    “This book has extremely helped me to balance my mind, body and spirit. There are various types of meditation methods to learn like concentrative meditation and mindfulness meditation. By following this book I got strong and long lasting benefits for the mental and emotional states. This book is especially good for the young generation. By meditating they can have reduced depression, reduced stress, less hostility and conflicts with others, reduced anxiety, and less substance abuse throughout life. So if you are looking for a targeted outcome, like increasing your compassion, then this guide will help you. There are three simple recipes that can help in aiding one’s meditation. Overall, this book is an excellent tool to keeping your heart and mind calm.” – Toma Zaman

    “Meditation has many names in the world by different people as well as different countries. But its advantages are countless. It is the oldest way to treatment and yet the finest too. I love this so I bought this book and yes I found what I was looking for about meditation. The way Maggie Kellman told us about meditation step by step and in easy wording that is fabulous without any doubt. So if you are looking for a remedy for your stress and anxiety go and get this book and one you will pray for the writer and for those who told you about this book. Thanks to Maggie Kallman for this masterpiece.”

    – Yousaf Khan