Meditation: Meditation For Beginners:Learn How To Find Peace And Relaxation In The Stressful Modern World (Yoga And Spirituality Book 2)

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Meditation, in its highest state, is pure awareness. It is about becoming the witness rather than the actor in the drama of life. From such a detached perspective, the practitioner begins to get a completely different view of life. Problems which previously evoked strong emotional and physiological reactions can now be witnessed from a third person’s perspective and, therefore, it becomes easier to come up with solutions for all problems.

There are many different methods of meditation but the goal is always the same: to quieten the noise inside one’s head. The practice of meditation helps to make the waters of our thoughts still so that the moon of pure awareness can be reflected in it.

It is well known that meditation comes with immense health benefits, and definitely not just mental. Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of meditation. A good and consistent meditation practice will allow you to overcome fears, reduce your stress levels, improve your positive outlook on life and stave off the pains of negative emotions. You will feel healthy and radiant, brimming with energy and joy. It truly is one of the greatest lifestyle integrations you could choose to make.

Here is exactly what you will find whilst reading this book

  • Exactly what meditation is
  • The Ultimate Truth – meditation’s purpose
  • The endless health benefits of meditating
  • WHY you need to meditate
  • How to get started with your meditation practice
  • The detailed guide to Breath Meditation
  • A full breakdown of Visualization Meditation
  • How to incorporate mindfulness in your every day
  • How to master Mantra Meditation
  • How to reduce your stress levels with meditation
  • How to manifest your life goals through meditation
  • How to setup your own full day meditation retreat!
  • A detailed explanation of the body scan meditation
  • Much, much more!

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