Meditation in 5 Days

Experience HOW TO MEDITATE and relax through images and relaxing music with this simple guided meditation exercise.
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"Meditation in 5 Days" is a unique, life transforming course, that will show you how to achieve deep meditation starting from simple visualization exercises.
In only 5 days, you will learn all the techniques needed to meditate on your own and obtain long lasting well-being and personal development.
You will learn about several meditation techniques and forms of meditation including yoga meditation, mindfulness meditation, visual meditation, Buddhist meditation, kundalini, tantra meditation, mantra (transcendental) meditation and more.

During the course, you will learn how to improve your life and career; how to overcome stress and fears; how to get rid of distracting or unwanted thoughts; how to heal yourself and others and finally how to achieve balance, determination and happiness.
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MethodAlpha shows how to meditate with simple meditation techniques, improve health and wellbeing and alleviate depression symptoms, stress and anxiety.