Meditation for Better Sleep: Guided Breathing & Relaxation to Fall Asleep Instantly, Sleep Smarter and Wake Up Energized: Deep Sleep Self-Hypnosis for Insomnia Overcoming, Anxiety & Stress Reduction


Do you want to drift off to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow? To sleep as a child, totally fallen into a deep peaceful sleep, calmly fully relaxed each night? And then wake up in the morning completely restorative and energized? Keep reading and find out how to get the best night’s rest you have ever had. 

Good sleep is one of the vitally important elements of our physical and mental well-being as healthy food and fresh air. Meanwhile, some nights falling asleep doesn’t come easy, and turning, tossing and thinking about not sleeping only makes it worse.

Try meditations and self-hypnosis to fall asleep fast and obtain that deep, untroubled, restful and natural sleep you so desire. Sleep meditations and self-hypnosis are used to shift your mind’s focus away from any stray thoughts of stress, worry, or anxiety, instead placing your attention on relaxing tranquil thoughts and feelings that slowly and gently drift you off to sleep. They can fight mild insomnia and other sleep problems. They will also make you feel more relaxed, calm and productive throughout the next day. 

This book contains numerous practical guided meditations, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and self-hypnosis that will help calm your mind and relax your body in preparation for sleep. Whether you’re a good sleeper or suffer from sleep disorders, this book can be useful for you to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep all night, or simply have a deep restful sleep and wake up recharged and energized.

Inside, you will find:

  • Tips to improve the quality of your sleep
  • How to find the best time to sleep
  • What to eat and what not to eat before bedtime
  • Optimal sleeping posture for better sleep
  • What is sleep meditation, what are its benefits
  • Practices to slow down your mind and relax your body
  • Effective breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Relaxation poses before bedtime
  • Guided meditations to create the right state of mind to fall asleep fast and rest deeply
  • Guided visualizations for calm and peaceful sleep
  • Deep sleep self-hypnosis
  • Ways to incorporate sleep meditation into your daily routine

And more…

This book is designed to help you relax more easily and fall asleep faster. It’s not comprehensive enough to cure a full-blown insomnia problem but is otherwise a great natural alternative (without the side effects) to taking a sleeping pill. It’s easy to start, all meditations and hypnosis in this book can be used by beginners and experts alike, they’re easy-to-follow so you gain the most benefit as simply as possible. You don’t need special equipment or place; you can stay comfortably in your bedroom. Practice regularly one or more meditations from this book and you will see a noticeable difference in how well you sleep and how energized you feel when you wake up. 

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