Meditation Course: The Power Of Meditation, Learn How To Use Meditation To Eliminate Stress, Anxiety & To Be Happy (Relaxation And Stress Reduction, Relaxation Techniques, Relaxation Meditation)

A Proven, Step-By-Step System To Use Meditation To Eliminate Stress, Anxiety & To Be Happy

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to start integrating meditative concepts in your life. The book starts by offering a discussion about what meditation is and why it continues to be a popular practice for a growing number people.
Related to yoga, the benefits of meditation are enhanced, as this book presents the different techniques for you to attain a meditative mind. Finally, this book provides tips for you to start practicing meditation and to live a happier life in the future.

Meditation Explained

For most individuals, meditation is looked upon as some sort of exotic practice which is associated with Eastern religions. Some may consider it connected with holiness. Others may connect it with special sitting positions which may require your hands to be arranged in strange ways while your eyes are closed and your legs folded in a pretzel-like fashion. Well, these are just some of the common notions about meditation, but none of them were true.

Meditation is simply all about making a personal decision to focus your mind and attention towards something. Simple everyday things such as watching a TV show or a movie, reading a comic book, thinking about the load of paper works awaiting you in the office and your argument with your wife last night are all forms of meditation. Even focusing on which color of shirt you would like to buy is a form of meditation.

Both your mind and your external reality are always in a state of flux. In each second of our lives, we construct our realities by way of what we take in from our environment as well as from what we think about. And over time, we tend to create and eventually develop habits based on what we think as well as habits which are based on what we tale in.

Say for example, you may realize that you are an optimistic person and that you are fond of watching philanthropic TV programs which give help to the needy, oppressed, and the hopeless. Or you may find that you like to fantasize about how your life will turn out to be and you fancy reading success stories on magazines.

Since we are often meditating than we think we do, the relevant question to ask now is, “What are you choosing to meditate on?”

Several spiritual traditions often make use of the tendency of human beings to always think, to create experiences, and to take in information to help us in establishing better lives. For as long as we keep thinking, why should we not instead consciously focus our minds on beneficial and positive subjects? Why not use meditation in order to further understand how our emotions and mind work and to develop positive habits of spirit, body, and mind? Why not learn how to use meditation to remove anxiety, eliminate stress, solve problems, and become happy.

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  • Meditation Explained
  • Basic Techniques
  • Preparing Yourself
  • Having Consistency
  • Allotting A Sacred Space
  • Meditation Postures
  • A Better, Happier Life Through Meditation
  • Much, much more!

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