The benefits of meditation are many for those of us who practice it but for the doubting Thomases among us evidence becomes the cornerstone of our decision on whether to meditate or not. With this is mind I went to town to collect evidence medical evidence to support my cause, that of finding five very powerful reasons why you should meditate. While I sifted thru different studies I found one good professor talked of the benefits of meditation being a stress buster while another talked about how good it was in developing our memory, a factor useful to the student community . Another good doctor talked about how meditation brought down the risk of a heart attack. Having seen a whole movie full of evidence from different doctors I culled out the really important reasons, that i thought would help you make the choice to meditate. And that is what i'm hoping the you will take 5 or ten minutes off in the big 24 hour day to just be with yourself and meditate. You can do it anytime and its free. Could er as more of a guaranteed wellness practice. I think not so. For more video's and articles on how to meditate the easy way you can visit my website .