Meditation: Beginner’s Guide: How to Meditate (As An Ordinary Person!) to Relieve Stress, Keep Calm and be Successful (Positive Psychology Coaching Series Book 4)

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Meditation is not about crystals, hypnotic folk music and incense sticks!

Forget about sitting in unnatural and uncomfortable positions while going “ommmmm….”

It is not a club full of yoga masters, Shaolin monks, hippies and new-agers.

It is super practical and universal practice, that can improve your overall brain performance and happiness

-Looking to be happy… not just fake smiles anymore?

-Sick of being held up and helpless, a victim of terrible circumstance?

-Do you really want to be a slave to your emotions anymore?

-Are you so depressed and negative that no one really enjoys spending time with you?

Well, I was not necessarily talking to you, but if it speaks to you, you have picked up the right book!

Most People Walk Through Their Life In a Walking Daze

And I was too. I was constantly fighting everything going on in my life; with my mind. Day to day stressors like traffic, the mean lady at the gas station with the bad breath that I had to see every morning, and the long hours put in at work, were enough to drain me. My boss, with his long nose hair, breathing down my neck about my productivity level was enough to deplete a person every day.

“What do I do? What will happen next? What if, what if, what if…?”

I could not even enjoy a second of my day, because I was lost in worry and stress over what was going to happen next and what I could do to maybe control it.

In this book you will find techniques to step out of your thinking and allow your mind to finally rest.

When meditating, you take a step back from actively thinking your thoughts, and instead, see them for what they are. The reason why meditation is helpful in reducing stress and attaining peace is that it gives your over-active conscious a break.

Just like your body needs it, your mind does too!

I give you the gift of peace that I was able to attain through present moment awareness.

In This Book I’ll Show You:

-My favorite meditation and mindfulness techniques perfect for ordinary busy people like you and me

-My personal experience

How exactly do I practice and how it helped me in so many ways

-How to maintain stillness, peace and focus in everyday life

-How to stick to your meditation practice and maintain high level of motivation

-The right mindset you should have to keep your brain and thoughts healthy

-Few simple things you can do to instantly feel better and happier!

-And many, many more!

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Why Meditation For Life Success?

Chapter 1: Meditation? What it’s all about?

Chapter 2: Let’s Get Started! Various types of Meditation/Guided Meditations

Chapter 3: Meditation and Stillness in Everyday Life

Chapter 4: How to Maintain Inner Peace and Never Feel Anxious or Distracted Again

Chapter 5: Conclusion.

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