Massage Ball Set (1 Lacrosse, 1 Hard and 1 Soft Spiky) Perfect Ball for Massage Therapy – Physical Therapy, Deep Tissue, Foot, Yoga, Sports and Prenatal Self Massage Balls – Trigger Point Massage Tool


A Fast and Cheap Way to Relieve Pain and Discomfort

Imagine having access to unlimited massages for under $20? Well now it is possible!

The Supreme Squeeze Therapy Ball set is a unique set offering 3 different styles and resistance balls so you can relieve muscles all over your body!


– Release and reduce muscle tightness/tension, increase flexibility and improve posture
– Increase blood flow by getting rid of knots and tension that may be restricting fluid flow to encourage faster recovery
– Perfect for self massage to help reduce plantar fasciitis, lower/upper back, neck, legs, hips and feet pain

Each set contains 3 Massage Balls:

– 1 x hard 6cm porcupine ball – this is the most heavy duty massage, perfect for those stubborn knots
– 1 x 6cm soft porcupine ball – this is good for loosening up tight muscles and giving a more gently enjoyable massage
– 1 x 6cm lacrosse ball – this perfect for those more sensitive areas or rehab style massages on areas like the neck or shoulder

ALSO access to our one of a kind Massage Therapy Bonus Materials

– The different advantages of each type of Massage Ball
– Exercises you can do using Self-Massage Balls (Back, Neck, Legs, Hips and Feet)

We’re Only Happy If You Are!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Supreme Squeeze Massage Therapy Balls we offer a No Questions Asked 1 Year Guarantee on your purchase

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