MARNUR Body Hot Cold Gel Pack Reusable Heat Pad Flexible Cold Wrap for Back Knee Waist Shoulder Ankle Alleviate Joint Injury Pain Relief and Relaxation Hot Cold Therapy


Product Description
Hot or cold compression therapy offers us relief from sore joints and aching muscles. The MARNUR Hot & Cold Gel Pack with Adjustable Straps, a multipurpose therapy wrap, not only eliminates the hassle to make a temporary ice pack or hot pack, but also provides direct temperature therapy and targeted relief. Enjoy better well-being with this reusable gel pack.

That sounds wonderful, right? And that’ s what a MARNUR Shoulder Neck Heating Pad can provide you with. Just get one and better your life.

Product Features
★ The gel pack can be used for both hot and cold compress.
★ The gel pack is reusable.
★ The gel remains flexible when frozen or heated.
★ The gel pack is lightweight and foldable, making it easily portable.
★ The durable bag effectively prevents the internal gel from leaking.

Using Instructions
For hot compress
1.Place the gel pack in the container filled with hot water for 2 minutes or more and dry it with a towel or something else.
2.Wrap the gel pack with a towel and place it the in a microwave for 2 minutes (recommended heating intensity: medium).
For cold compress
1. Place the gel pack in the freezer for at least 1 hour.

Package Included
1 x Hot & Cold gel pack

Please keep the product away from sharp objects.
Please do not heat the product in a microwave for long.