Make Up, The Best 17 Piece Organic Kit For Kids in Designer Bag, (Bags Print Styles may Vary) No Lead, Make Up Supplies for Girls, for Play Dates, Dress Up or Pretend, Makes Costumes Better, US Made


Looking for child safe Make Up for your next play date! You have now found them. Do you know that the FDA allows make up manufacturers to use harmful dyes and ingredients that have lead in them and still say they are non-toxic or FDA compliant? The FDA allows make up manufacturers to use these harmful ingredients as long as they state on their label that the make up is not supposed to be used around the mouth or eyes. The reason behind that is that lead and dyes that have lead in them, used around the eyes and mouth, have a direct path to the nervous system. That is why we at Go Green do not use ingredients such as, dyes or other ingredients known to have lead in them. In fact, Go Green uses only the highest of quality ingredients to ensure Organic Certification. To even be considered certified organic, a company must approve through application through a federal agency with proof of 95% organic ingredients. This ensures that we are not only certified organic but also hypoallergenic, for the most sensitive skin. Then, we add ingredients like Jojoba oil that not only lets the skin breathe but is also good for the complexion, and leaves the skin with a renewed glow. Ingredients like these are not easy to get making inventory limited. So, look no further get the safest make up on the planet! Today.