Lotus pure organics. Natural Lipstick – Plum Berry, Fashionable Colors, Long lasting, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Lead Free, Non-Toxic Chemicals, Enriched with Vitamin E, Smooth and moisturized. (Plum Berry)


Be Beautiful Be Healthy!

Make your lips look luscious with Lotus Pure Organic Natural Lipstick in any color from our generous selection. While you indulge your lips with classic colors, you won’t be poisoning yourself with all the classic carcinogenic chemicals that other lipsticks have. Our lipstick is also gluten lead and cruelty free, so it will not trigger any of your gluten sensitivities. Beauty is not just about vibrant colors, it’s also about not jeopardizing your health in order to look good. Lipstick is a super shiny formula infused with antioxidant-rich botanical extracts, essential oils and pigments, leaves lips feeling moist and hydrated for hours without fading.

Lotus Pure Organic Lipstick is available in a generous selection of fashionable colors sure to match every outfit and any mood that you have. From berries, to plums, and peach to wine, our all natural lipstick provides a color explosion in your makeup box! Choose one for day wear and one for evening.

NATURAL AND ORGANIC – MADE IN USA – Lotus Pure Organic Lipstick is almost %100 Natural and Organic, we work hard to make sure you can stay beautiful without risking your health.

Our lipsticks are not tested on animals, be confident that nothing was hurt in order for you to look beautiful.

ENRICHED – Our Lipsticks is enriched with tons of healthy nourishing ingredients, including Vitamin E, shea butter and essential oils which will moisturize, plump, and condition your lips, packed with antioxidants what have been known to help with anti-aging issues.

OUR LIPSTICK DOSE NOT CONTAIN – Parabens, Petro-Chemicals, Phthalates, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, or Synthetic Dyes. Nor does it contain lead.

ALL DAY WEAR – Your lips will be kissable soft and smooth all day long with our long lasting lipsticks. Easy to apply, our lipsticks offer maximum coverage that will last from morning to night.