Lavender Oil 100% Natural Pure Undiluted Premium Therapeutic Organic Grade Essential Oils used in Aromatherapy ,Massage, Relaxation, Headache relief, perfect to use in the bath, make soap, bath salts, candles, therapy blends for lotions, body, face, skin, hair care and growth, making non toxic bug spray,great to use with your pet dogs and get a Free Essential oil Guide E-Book for it’s uses. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 10 ml (Lavandula officinalis)



One of the most wonderful of aromatics, lavender is a sinfully luscious fragrance.

Here at WellnesScent our lavender oil is outstanding and we pride ourselves on its quality.

Premium therapeutic grade 100% natural and pure. so it is not made using chemicals which can be harmful, it is not extended.

Lavender oil is the most useful “all around” essential oil because it has so many attributes, it is just like having a medicine cabinet in your pocket.

Important Note: While a number of suppliers sell identical versions of lavender 40/42, ours is 100% authentic, natural and pure

What you WILL get from our Premium oil

– Soothe irritated skin

– Ease a pounding headache

– Stop the pain and help heal a burn or sunburn

– Release stress, tension and anxiety

– Ease a baby’s diaper rash

– Clear a troubled complexion

– Relax overstressed muscles

– The oil is an immune-booster

– Lull you to sleep after a relaxing bath

– To treat common cold and flu symptoms

What you will NOT get with WellnesScent

– No fillers or additives

– Not adulterated or synthetic

– No harmful chemicals

– No bases or carriers

Experience the true Lavender smell that everyone loves, not an overly floral or processed scent. WellnesScent has searched far and wide to bring you the best Lavender Oil you have ever savored.

Buy Now and get our FREE Essential E-Book Oil Guide, so you get the best from your Lavender oil and some great tips.

Buy With Confidence! Our Product Comes With a 100% Customer Satisfaction, 90 day money back Guarantee If you are not satisfied with our Premium oil, let us know and we will jump through as many Lavender fields as it takes until you are 100% satisfied!

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