KissMeEssentials Red Light Therapy Lamp – Triple – Professional Strength Infrared Light Therapy – Aids Muscle Recovery, Skin Conditions, and Relaxation – 180 LED Lights


IMPORTANT, this red light therapy lamp contains both deep red and near infrared lights. This LED Light Therapy Lamp uses 660nm and 850nm light waves. 850nm is infrared so it will be difficult to see the light from those bulbs. Don’t worry, they are working!

Don’t worry, they are working! This LED red light therapy lamp is an all natural, safe light treatment lamp intended for use on large areas of your body. Our TRIPLE LED light therapy lamp features both deep red and infrared LED lights which you can operate separately or together, via 2 different ‘on’ ‘off’ switches on the lamp. This infrared and red light therapy lamp is ideal for low level light therapy (LLLT) and has 180 LEDs, which deliver 660nm (deep red) and 850nm (near infrared). Research shows this is the optimal effectiveness of nanometers for healing and cell regeneration. This is a professional strength soft laser therapy device, built with cutting-edge LED technology, ideal for biostimulation. The infrared bulbs provide photonic stimulation. This Localized Light Therapy Lamp delivers over 100mw/ cm2 irradiance, which is the optimal level or irradiance required to get all the health and wellness benefits of red light therapy. This light therapy lamp is 99x25x13cm and 8kg.

The benefits of Red Light Therapy (also known as cold laser therapy or photobiomodulation or PBM) have been supported by hundreds of clinical studies for a wide range of health issues including pain management, hair loss, skin conditions, and low testosterone. Low-power laser therapy (LPLT) is also useful in cell rejuvenation, anti-aging, wound care, muscle recovery, sexual performance enhancement, mental clarity, and athletic performance.