kidsWellness Parasite Formula 2 oz


Dr. Rydland has found this herbal combination useful for many intestinal parasites including pinworms. These herbs have been used for centuries for their antiparasitic properties.

We have found this combination useful for many intestinal parasites including pinworms. A qualified physician must follow all parasite treatments.

This combination can be used alone or in addition to most prescription medicines to increase the efficacy of parasite treatment.

Ingredients: Cloves, Wormwood, Black Walnut Hulls, Thyme and Olive Leaves

kidsWellness Herbal Formulas are unique preparations developed through over 20 years of working with children’s special needs at the Rydland Pediatric Wellness Center. Medical Doctor, Eric N. Rydland, M.D. has formulated these herbal combinations specifically to meet the needs of children and after years of listening to the parents of children he has treated. The herbs are combined in exactly the proper ratio to have the greatest effect on the condition for which it is recommended. All herbs are completely natural, either organic or wild crafted.

Each herb is carefully extracted from the best part of the plant with food grade alcohol in order to have the highest possible potency and to stay in solution. After combining the herbs in the proper ratios, the alcohol is slowly evaporated under carefully controlled conditions to retain their full potency. The herbs are then combined with vegetable glycerine to flavor them for a child’s palate. It is a time consuming and expensive process, but we feel this is important to assure you a quality product available for your child’s health. For your convenience, these herbal extracts are not only combined together in one bottle, but appropriate doses are clearly listed on the label of each product for every child’s weight. This takes the guesswork out of doses changing as the child grows and avoids the confusion of a different number of drops for each herb.