Just Potent Ultra-High Absorption Magnesium Chelate ◘ 100mg Tablets ◘ 300 Tablets ◘ Heart, Bones, Muscle, and Anti-Stress Supplement ◘ Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free


Magnesium is an essential mineral that’s responsible for proper functioning of the human body. We need magnesium because of the countless benefits the body derives from it. The Just Potent Magnesium is an ultra-potent formulation with no rival. Every single ingredient present in the Just Potent Magnesium serves a purpose as opposed to being a filler. While other manufacturers mix-n-match different ingredients just for the sake of it, we formulated the Just Potent Magnesium with you in mind. We formulated the Just Potent Magnesium knowing that you do not want fillers and unnecessary ingredients in your Magnesium supplement; this is exactly what we have done. The Just Potent Magnesium compared to the bestselling magnesium on Amazon provides the same amount of magnesium per tablet while at the same time being smaller in size. Why take a magnesium supplement, you ask? Studies show that the average American diet isn’t as healthy as it once was. The choices we make with our diets compounds the need for magnesium supplementation as most Americans don’t get their recommended daily intake of magnesium from food. Additionally, American diet today hinders magnesium absorption and when magnesium isn’t absorbed efficiently in the body, we lose majority of the benefits magnesium has to offer. The Just Potent Magnesium, when taken daily, will provide you with all the Magnesium your body needs with higher absorption compared to the competition. Buy with confidence. Buy quality.