Joint Support Formula – Relieves Joint Pain, Reduces Inflammation & Increases Mobility – Contains Glucosamine, MSM, Turmeric, Yucca & Collagen – Clinically Proven to Improve Knee & Elbow Health – Green Root Wellness, 120 Capsules


Green Root Wellness Joint Support Supplements contains carefully selected nutrients designed to help support and provide healthy joint functions for your body. The main ingredients – Glucosamine, MSM & Collagen – each promote a specific natural function for our body’s joint structure. Please see our ingredient listings above to understand how each carefully chosen ingredient benefits the body.

Why Do We Need Joint Support?

We should all be proactive when it comes to keeping our joints healthy today so that we will not have more serious problems in the future. All individuals should start taking care of their joint health to ensure they will be able to keep their exercise routine in the future.

The many benefits of our special formula include:

• Protect joint tissue and cartilage from breakdown*

• Better comfort, protection and mobility of joints*

• Improve overall joint flexibility*

• Relieve pain caused by arthritis or strenuous physical activities*

Joint Support Formula is shown to provide more improved flexibility, stronger joints, more pain relief and faster results than other leading formulas. Our unique formula combines pharmaceutical grade Glucosamine and MSM combined with a number of clinically studied all-natural ingredients to provide your body with the essential building blocks to build and sustain healthy cartilage as well as relieve pain, strengthen joints and increase joint flexibility. We at Green Root Wellness believe in only using the highest quality ingredients in our specially formulated supplements.

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