Immune Support Supplement for Kids and Adults, Wellness Formula Boosts Immunity, Helps Energy, Natural Antiviral Cold and Flu Defense, High Bioavailability Cellular Repair Nano Spray for Better Health


Nano-Ojas Immune Spray is a powerful dietary supplement formulated to improve immune function at the cell level.* Our patented formula was developed to deliver an intelligent, food-based solution to help the body restore the cellular functions which support the integrity of our immune system and determine how we heal.* Nano-Ojas Immune Spray works to build and maintain healthy defenses against a broad range of internal and external attacks. This non-toxic, plant-based dietary supplement is derived from policosanols (long-chain fatty alcohols) that come from the waxes of whole foods like rice, vegetables, and sugarcane. Through the power of nanotechnology, these incredible plant compounds maintain the size, structure, and stability necessary to penetrate the nucleus of cells, where studies show improved immune cell function, enhanced energy levels, and much more.* Nano-Ojas is revolutionizing how we approach immune support with a science-backed alternative to some of our most mystifying health troubles. Discover this safe and natural dietary supplement for the whole family that aims to give you better control over the health of your immune system year-round.