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Helpful Hints When Using the Stones Always use stones slightly wet and well oiled (But not dripping) Make sure the client’s skin is well lubricated with the selected oil with aromatic formula for the client’s skin type Turn the stones often during use so the warmth is diffused equally Avoid clicking the stones together. To remove stones from heater avoid using a metal spoon (the noise will distract your client from relaxation) Always rinse off stones and your hands in between clients. After Care Drink plenty of water. Follow a healthy, light diet following treatment. Avoid Heat treatments of hot baths directly after. Allow a suitable period of time for the body to rest and re-balance. Allow oils to soak into the body before showering and your skin will love you for it. Have a regular treatment. Detox : The hot stone on the water heating, because hot stone with high energy poly warm and conductivity, when hot stone absorbs the energy of essential oils with natural plant after sliding on the skin , warmth that is as hot stone and current will be communicated in the depths of the body heat , allowing the body to get completely relaxed . The principle of heat conduction , heat will be the role of essential oils sebum layer 2-5 cm depth , effectively soften and break down fatty tissue , high temperature accelerate the body metabolism and promote fat cell lysis , fermentation technology , detoxification, the body in a comfortable warm feeling in presents the perfect curve . With hot stones for lymphatic drainage , so that will be very easy to toxins excreted.