Homemade Essential Oils: Amazing DIY Recipes for Aromatherapy on a Budget (Oils for Relaxation and Meditation)

Everyone has a nose, and know that our sense of smell is a powerful mechanism, alerting us to danger or allure at the very first scent. If you have experienced any particularly strong smells, you already know that we depend on it for survival. Yet the value of aromatherapy is so much more.

If you want to understand how aroma affects your personality and demeanor, this is the book for you. If you hope to actively pursue a better life through common scents, this book is for you too. If you simply must turn around the odors that permeate your life, this book will help you sniff out the solutions.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

• The Keys to the Ancient Art of Aromatherapy

• How to Develop an Acute Sense of Smell

• How to Use Aromas to Impact Mood and Attitude

• How to Create and Maintain the Scents you Want

• Pet-safe and Child-safe Methods of Aroma Dispersal

• Health and Well-being Improvement through DIY Aromatherapy

• How to create a Signature Scent

• The science of Smell

• And Much More

Once you learn the basics of Aromatherapy, you will have recaptured the secrets of Scent. It will empower your own life and give you the ability to impact others giving them an eye-opening olfactory awakening.

Don’t wait for a better time; this is it! Learn how to use common scents – and surprising sources – to change forever your environment and your home.

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