Hansi Organics 100 Percent Organic Hand Poured Beeswax Premium Quality, Cosmetic Grade and Triple Filtered 5 oz


Take advantage of the impressive spectrum of beneficial uses and benefits of this 100% organic, hand poured Beeswax. This product is made from premium quality, cosmetic grade (safe and tested) beeswax, with a light sweet smell and a rich yellow color. Melt down a stick of wax and try your hand at some homemade, organic beauty and hair products. Minimize the harsh chemicals entering your home by using this organic wax to shine up your wood with a homemade furniture polish – it’s really healthy for your wood, smells wonderful, and shines up your wood finish beautifully. Create a soothing and natural salve by mixing this pure beeswax with shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E and essential oils over a double broiler and storing in mini containers. The continued list of uses for this magical golden liquid is simply ongoing! This product is neat for waxing the tracks on sash windows, wonderful for lubing bullet casting molds and as a sealant or lubricant for bullets in cap and ball firearms. It is essential for making homemade body care products and fabulous for using to make new didgeridoo mouthpieces or forming the frets on the Philippine kutiyapi – a type of boat lute. Try this healing, natural and effective organic beeswax today to see these impressive uses for yourself!