Hand Therapy Stress Relief Balls – Great for Hand Exercise and Grip Strengthening – Gel Squeeze Toy For Adults & Kids – With 2 Free Ebooks


Not All Stress Balls Are Created Equal – Invest In the Highest Quality That Will Last! Featuring a soft gel core and comfortable fabric, this squeeze ball has the right ergonomic size and squishiness to provide a firm grip that will help you relieve stress, without overexerting your hands. Improve Grip Strength, Hand Mobility and Keep Joint Pain At Bay! This premium stress ball is an effective physical therapy tool for hands, fingers and forearms that will stimulate blood flow to your upper extremities, improve dexterity and mobility and help you recover faster from hand injuries or surgeries, like carpal tunnel syndrome. A must have for those suffering from arthritis, this hand reliever and finger exerciser is a great way to keep joint pain at bay. Release Pent Up Tension and Anxiety Instantly with the Best Stress Ball by Koh Fit! Feeling nervous and tense? Whether at work, on the go, or at home, this effective stress relief ball can be squeezed and squashed to help you get through those particularly long days, without taking it all out on your family, friends, or worse, your boss! What’s Included? 1 or 2 Hand Therapy Stress Balls 2 Ebooks (delivered by email) Hand Therapy Exercise Guide (Ebook) – effective exercises to increase grip strength, improve hand mobility and relieve joint pain. Stress Relief – the Natural Solution (Ebook) – features tips and methods to naturally reduce stress and improve your mood.