Genius Mushroom – Lions Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi – Immune System Booster & Nootropic Brain Supplement – Wellness Formula for Natural Energy, Stress Relief, Memory & Liver Support, 90 Veggie Pills


Reishi Mushroom(ganoderma lucidum): This relaxing tonic herb helps renew, and rejuvenate the soul. Feel a sense of peace and calmness when you take red reishi mushroom. Known to help with liver detox, and an immune system booster, this reishi mushroom supplement is the “feel good” mushroom.

Cordyceps(cordyceps sinensis): This is the athletic and performance mushroom. It helps with energy, focus, strength, and endurance. Put through multiple clinical tests, organic cordyceps increase muscle endurance and reduce fatigue. Allowing you to push harder and break through plateaus. Whether it’s in the weight room, basketball court, or at work.

Lion’s Mane(Hericium erinaceus): This is the brain booster mushroom. Increase focus, memory, & brain power. Nourish the mind, unlock your limitless potential. This brain supplement helps get you in the zone and allow you to take on whatever life throws at you. When everyday life demands peak performance, lion’s mane delivers.

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