Gardening Box Set: Fairy Gardening, Organic Heirloom Seeds, and Perennial Plants (Introductions and Explanations) (Secret Gardening Box Sets Book 1)

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With the Gardening Box Set get ready to be amazed with a wealth of information in one easy to consume source. The gardening box set tackles four of the most popular and important gardening subjects including: organic heirloom seeds, perennials flowers, fairy gardening, and indoor gardening.

Introduction to Book 1: Heirloom Seeds

You should be planting heirloom! Why you may ask? Well it is because of the many reasons you will learn inside this book. By planting heirloom you are truly self sufficient. One heirloom seed has 100s of years of history behind it. A true heirloom seed has fed 1000s of people throughout the years and will continue to feed thousands more. These little powerhouses of natural goodness will truly take care of you and your loved ones if you let them.

Come and learn exactly what this book will teach you about these amazing little seeds:

We begin our journey with an explanation of exactly what an heirloom seed is. We continue on to their history and then we begin to discuss some of the main reasons why you should only be planting heirloom.

An exploration of germination soon begins and then we talk about preservation and maintenance of both heirloom seeds and heirloom plants. If you ever wondered about the best practices for harvesting heirloom crops, we touch upon this topic as well.

Finally, Heirloom Seeds: An Introduction to Organic Heirloom Seeds, Growing them and Their Benefits closes with a discussion of how to store your seeds properly and then teaches you the top 5 tips you should be following to successfully plant and grow heirloom.

Introduction to Book 2: Perennial Flowers

In Perennial Flowers: A Gardening Primer you will learn the following things: the difference between plant types (annuals, biennials, perennials), the benefits of planting perennials, the best perennials for your gardening zone, how to plant a perennial, and finally you will learn the best tips for a successful planting experience.

We all enjoy a lovely garden and appreciate the effort it can take to see wonderful colors burst forward as flowers grow into a full bloom. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing a beautiful healthy garden that we built with our own hands.

Getting started at the store as we search the rack holding packets of seeds, we see the words “Perennial Flowers” with pictures of beautiful flowers.

Meanwhile we are wondering to ourselves “hmmm, will they look that good when I plant them and what does perennial mean?”

Do the thoughts stop you in your tracks or do you go for it and grab a few packs? I say go for it and let the Perennial Flowers return year after year offering you wonderful and vibrant colors each new season.

Let us learn what the perennial flower is and find out the best gardening practices that will get your new packet of Perennial Flower Seeds bursting forth with colors.

Introduction to Book 3: Fairy Gardening

For years, gardening has been about going outside and working under the heat of the sun. However, the limitless possibilities that gardening offered to the world opened up various kinds of gardening that have become famous today. In this book, two of such gardening innovations — fairy gardening and indoor gardening — will be put in the limelight.

In Fairy Gardening: A Complete Guide to Creating Beautiful Fairy and Indoor Gardens you will learn everything you need to know about Fairy Gardens, and Indoor Gardens. Although both topics have similarities they are quite different and it was my intention to teach anyone willing to learn how to get started in either field!

This book will specifically teach you the following: You will learn exactly what a fairy garden is and why you