Focus Formula for Concentration & Mental Focus


Focus Formula is an herbal supplement especially formulated to promote focus, improved concentration and mental clarity. Concentration, or the ability to focus on a task at hand while blocking out distracting stimuli or thoughts, is one of our most powerful mental tools. When at optimal levels, concentration helps make our work flow easier, retain information better, and complete tasks in appropriate amounts of time.It can become difficult to focus our attention and proper amount of concentration when distractions arise. Caused by internal or external factors, distractions can affect productivity, memory, and the ability to continue and complete tasks. Examples of physical factors include exhaustion, irregular sleep, an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, and stress. Psychological factors can include boredom, mental burnout, avoidance, or feeling overloaded. Environmental factors can include excess noise, temperature, activity, or visual stimulation.Supporting a balanced mood is especially important, and often overlooked, when addressing focus and concentration issues. The mind and body must be considered a holistic unit; not separate parts of a machine. A balanced mood helps support healthy attention spans and staying on task. It is extremely difficult to continue with work or tasks when feeling overwhelmed, on edge, overly stressed, irritable, or exhausted. Incorporating changes to areas like diet, lifestyle, surroundings, and internal emotional elements can support the health of an individual as a whole. Focus Formula was formulated by our Clinical Psychologist with nonhabit forming herbal ingredients that are safe for kids, teens and adults.