Facial Cleanser & Anti Wrinkle AHA Cream Cleanser 5% From Uptown Cosmeceuticals, Highly Moisturizing, Effective Skin Care, Exfoliator, Fights Signs of Aging & Breakouts Revealing Radiant Skin, 4 Oz


A highly moisturizing and concentrated 80% organic anti aging cleanser with no added abrasives to remove all traces of makeup, creams and surface oil. 5% AHA encourages deep pore cleansing. AHA 5% facial cleanser provides multiple benefits such as; renewing cells, facial Exfoliation, fighting signs of aging and breakouts, and fighting pigmentation. It’s a brilliant Moisturize and brightening cream, smooths wrinkles & reduces redness, reveals radiant, even-toned & younger looking skin and removes all traces of Makeup, Creams and Surface oil. The action of the hydrophilic molecules and the lipophilic molecules allows AHA 5% anti aging cleanser to break the surface tension and forces water into the skin, allowing it to skin and remove the dirt and oils beyond skin surface. AHA 5% skin cleanser improves the firmness and tone of skin, make skin glow with youth and vitality and improves your skin instead of just temporarily affecting its looks. Alpha Hydroxy Acids have been recommended by dermatologists because of their ability to exfoliate, penetrate the skin and remove dead skin cells, to reveal fresher, newer skin cells. Your skin appears healthier and rejuvenated. Uptown Cosmeceuticals AHA Anti Aging Cleanser 5% Will Give You excellent Results and Make Your Skin Feel Younger. Click the Button at the Top of this Page to Buy with Confidence