Face Paint – Made in USA, Certified Organic Face Paint for Kids, No Lead, Stacking Jars, For Sensitive Skin, Best for Parties, Halloween, Perfect for Different Day of Dead Versions


Halloween is right around the corner and the kids are already getting excited. What’s a better way of getting in the Halloween spirit than by getting face paint to top off a favorite costume? The problem is there are so many face paint kits out there which one should you buy? With so many articles out about the dangers of Chinese face paint, how do you tell the difference? For one, Chinese kits are cheap water based face paints in a plastic palette that only contain 1/8″ thickness of paint. That’s not very much paint. What a waste of time and money. Water-based face paints crack after applied because, they dry out, which dry out the skin, too. They are good for one use and then, in the trash can they go. What a waste of time and money. With Go Green Face Paint we start with only the finest of organic ingredients, certified by the Green Office to go above and beyond what is required by the FDA, to provide all natural face paint. We are so proud of our ingredients they are listed on the bottom of each jar. Try to find the ingredients on our competitors packaging, talk about a challenge. Our face paint has a shelf life of two years and uses ingredients like jojoba oil, which lets the skin breath, never cracks. We don’t use petroleum by-products which can cause irritation. Chinese face paint can contain dyes, lead and petroleum by-products. We are a completely natural, make-up grade face paint. For the price of getting your face painted one time professionally. You can paint your own face safely all year round. Turn a princess costume into a real princess, a monster even scarier, and a clown even happier by adding our face paint. Your imagination is your guide and there is no limit to the possibilities. Your kids will love you for it but, act fast the inventory goes fast in October. Recommended by Martha Stewart Whole Living, Feingold Association Wilmington Parent Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and Mothers everywhere. Guaranteed or your money back. ..