Face Paint – Certified Organic, Hypoallergenic, All Natural Kit – Cosmetics Grade – locking Stackable Jars for Easy Storage and Carry, Best for Parties, Makes Halloween Costumes Even Better!


Go Green Product was born in April, 2014. During a birthday party, we witness a child with allergies, crying because her mother told her she wouldn’t be able to get her face painted. The young girl had allergies to heavy metals and the last time she had had her face painted, she had a bad reaction that left burns on her face. During our research we ran across an article, of a study done by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. If you have never read the article, you should click on the link. At that point we decided to find a better alternative. In June 2014, Go Green Face Paint was the first company to offer Certified Organic Face Paint on Amazon’s Market Place. Go Green Face Paint started out offering 3 different 5 color kits, in stackable, interlocking jars that when interlocked and stacked are compact enough to put in a pocket or a purse, so you can transport them anywhere you want to go, giving you a safe alternative to the harsh face paint being used at events and parties at your finger tips. Since, our first product we have sought out other child and pet safe products for use in everyday life to include certified organic make up kits for young girls, edible finger paint, and several home and auto products. We have even added a vegan water-based face paint palette for children that has the highest safety rating of any water-based face paint for children that do not have allergies, making us the leading child safe face paint company on Amazon. Go Green Products has grown into a multifaceted company that offers many Child and Pet Safe products that are compact and transportable so they can be used anywhere, at any time. Go Green Product has grown into the name parents can trust. We are so proud of our safety, that we continue to use our own children to model our product on our website and our product page on Amazon, because if it is safe enough for our own children, then it will be safe enough for yours!