ETTG Shiatsu Kneading Neck Massager Shoulder Back Massager Waist Body Massager Wrap Heat Therapy RC For the Relaxation of Muscle Pain and Tightness


Are you tired out every day with office jobs? Have you got pain on neck and shoulder after all day facing the computer?

If yes, this Neck & Shoulder massager provides an invigorating massage to relieve the pain on your neck, shoulders, back, lumbar, leg and buttock.
Then this is for You!
Everywhere of your upper and lower body can be massaged. Compact design, you can use it anywhere at home, Use after while watching TV, or after sport or when you experience muscle pain from Sport or sleeping Pain. office or while traveling!


Smart controller and clear digital display
Multiple massage modes and intensity levels.
Built-in mineral salt inside the belt
High quality artificial leather material
Heating function, heating therapy can hasten the blood circulation
The default working is 10 minutes, you can reduce or increase it according to the LED display
High quality limiting temperature and safe electric appliance can make sure the product used in safe and reliable situation
You can choose massage left or right shoulder separately, it’s useful for the muscular fatigue or pain caused by stiff neck or other illness
Have built-in sandbag, it enables the massage powerfully, you can enjoy the comfort with sight vibration


Release intensity, reduce fatigue
Enhance blood circulation
Ease the muscles pain and stiffness
Burn redundant fat, keep the body strong and slim
Improve cell movements, revivify blood and remove frozen blood
Release the stress in the neck, remove and decrease the Cervical disease pain


1x Neck Tapping Massager