Essential Oils Storage for 30 Bottles – Essential Oils Case 10 15 ml Essential Oils Carrying Case – Essential Oil Travel Case – Holds Young Living & Doterra Containers – Essential Oil Holder Organizer



The fresh, uplifting smell of spearmint, the delicate smell of roses or the spiciness of cinnamon. It’s amazing that you can enjoy all of these scents and more in the form of essential oils.

But if you love essential oils, you probably have also experienced:

Spending forever to find the bottle that you’re looking for having no proper way of transporting or storing your oils avoiding taking oils with you because you can’t afford them breaking Fearing that the bottles will break and stain your clothes when traveling Struggling with fingernails, teeth or knives to remove bottle caps and reducer caps The Tress Wellness Essential Oil Carrier Cases solve all of the above.

Tress Wellness Essential Oil Holder Case Features:

Fits 30 bottles, protecting them from shocks, sunlight or rain Can hold 5 ml, 10 ml and 15 ml bottles from doTerra, Young Living etc. Soft EVA foam cushioning that keeps all vials separated and secure Smooth running zippers, and wide soft foam handle Integrated pouch to hold labels, pipettes, bottle opener or business cards BONUS Metal Bottle Opener for effortless removal of bottle & reducing caps BONUS 120 Container Cap Sticker Labels to perfectly organize your oils.

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