Essential Oils: Essential Oil Massage Techniques For Beginners: Prevent Headaches, Relieve Stress And Promote Relaxation (Essential Oils And Aromatherapy Book 2)

Transform your health with the definitive beginners guide to massage with Essential Oils!

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Are you ready to improve your health and vitality with the use of nature’s greatest medicines? Allow me to introduce you to the world of essential oils, aromatherapy and massage. When it comes to administering essential oils for their amazing health benefits, few techniques are as effective or complementary as massage. Not only does massage address the practical need for introducing essential oils to the body, but also brings a whole host of therapeutic benefits to the table in its own right. Simply when used on their own, the unique remedial properties of essential oils can offer a wide number of health benefits, from the alleviation of pain, stress or tension, to boosting circulation and energy. When used in combination with the art of massage, the curative effect of these substances can be multiplied manifold. This book will explore the powerful link between essential oils and massage, and provide some guidelines as to how the two can be used in marriage to create a truly holistic form of therapy.

Here is exactly what you will learn whilst reading this book

  • A history of the essential oils and massage
  • The therapeutic benefits of massage
  • How massage enhances aromatherapy
  • In depth safety precautions
  • How to spot, prevent and deal with irritation, sensitization and photosensitivity
  • How to deal with higher risk groups like the young and elderly as well as pregnant women
  • A run through of the basic massage techniques; effleurage, petrissage and tapotement
  • How to create blends ideal for massages
  • Carrier oil basics and how to choose the right ones
  • How to reduce your stress levels with an essential oil massage
  • How to relieve muscular pain
  • How to treat chronic illnesses
  • Using essential oils and massage to enhance your meditation practice
  • Improving blood circulation
  • How to cure a head ache with massage and aromatherapy

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