Essential Oil Recipes: One Drop at a Time

If you would like to gain a deeper knowledge of how to use essential oils and create your own natural remedies, blends, beauty products, household cleaners and gifts, this reference book belongs in your collection. One of the most delightful surprises as an essential oil user is the constant discovery of how many diversities each oil is capable of. The magnitude of this knowledge and the search for effective recipes that make every drop count can be somewhat overwhelming at times, for both beginning and seasoned oilers. The recipes contained in this REVISED EDITION utilize essential oils available from any reputable essential oil company.

This creation is a culmination of “Best-of-the Best” aromatherapy recipes used successfully in various essential oil communities, and is a valuable tool for expanding your working knowledge of applications. A wide array of topics and over 300 recipes are covered in 104 pages that create creams, serums, salves, roller bottle blends, diffuser blends and more. Featuring an easy-to-use layout, there is room beside each recipe, as well as blank section in the back, to note your own modifications and experiments. This made-with-love book is a wonderful resource designed to free beginners from intimidation and feelings of being overwhelmed, as well as allow advanced essential oil users to broaden their horizons.

Sections include:
Frequently asked questions
Respiratory Support
Mood Enhancement
Stress Management
The Bedroom
Beauty & Skin Care
Health & Hygiene

DISCLAIMER: This document is a compilation of recipes used successfully by persons who use high-quality, authentic, plant-derived, unadulterated essential oils as determined by many factors including growth, growth location, harvesting process, distillation method used, etc. There are many grades of essential oils available. Not all essential oils are created equally, and not all essential oils are suitable for topical use or ingestion. Carefully do your research before selecting the brand(s) of essential oils that decide to use, and be selective concerning essential oil supplies as well. Always follow label directions on the essential oil bottles.

The willingness of individual users to share their recipes in this book is very much appreciated. However, neither the contributors to this book nor myself are medical practitioners and cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe treatment for any health condition or disease. Before using any alternative medicines, natural supplements, or vitamins, you should always discuss the products you are using or intend to use with your medical practitioner, especially if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing. All information contained within this book is for reference purposes only, and is not intended to substitute advice given by a pharmacist, physician or other licensed health-care professional. As such, the author nor Everyday Oil Solutions are responsible for any loss, claim or damage arising from use of the essential oil recipes contained herein.