Elixir By Bita 7 Chakras Essential Oils Set of 7 Essential Oil Blends and 7 Gemstone Crystals and Healing Stones. for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation & Diffusers. Aromatherapy Oils Lavender Rosemary


The Chakra Set is 7 natural essential oil blends and Chakra Stones which help heal, remedy,
and align the body, mind, and spirit through the power of plants!

Each of these potent oils can be diffused to aid in our overall physical and mental well-being
by sending signals to the brain which help to relax, soothe, and resolve many physical discomforts.

These homeopathic oil blends help with discomforts like sinus congestion, headaches,
migraines, stress relief, anxiety, muscle pain, flu and cold symptoms, depression, and much more!
They also act as powerful mood enhancers, immune system boosters, appetite suppressants &

Every drop of oil offers a variety of solutions to improve your overall performance!

In addition, each oil smells uniquely aromatic… like 7 gardens captured into 10ml bottles!

The set includes 7 Chakra Healing Crystals to help maximize the healing effects of the oils.
Each crystal produces specific frequencies that promote well-being, deflect negative energy,
and enhance the healing properties of our minds and bodies. These stones can be used during
your spiritual practice, or placed on your desk for when you just need some Chakra balancing!

Why Choose Our Chakra Set?

– 100% natural & safe, no fillers or dilution oils!
– High-density foam box makes it easy to travel with, and the oils won’t arrive damaged!
– Made in the USA; Ingredients taken directly from the source!
– Comes with an informational pamphlet about how to use each oil, each stone, & each
Chakra! Educational and great for beginners…
– High-quality, colorful packaging makes for a great gift set!