Electric Eye Massager Rechargeable Temple Massage Therapy Machine for Reduce Dark Circles Headaches Dry Eyes,Muice Heat Air Compress for Eye Relaxation Improve Sleeping


[Product Features / Efficacy]
Eye massager is wireless, very light and comfortable to wear. It has three massage modes. The vibration is very comfortable it feels like gentlest tapping on your eyes. The music volume is very light but you can clearly hear it.
With the elegant appearance and functional modes, it’s an ideal present to your parents, friends, teachers and boyfriend/girlfriend.

[How To Use]
1.Press the open button and the default air pressure function opens (air pressure icon is lit)
2. Press the music switch button for 3 seconds, the music is on/off. Short press to increase the volume. Short press the volume down button to reduce the volume, long press 3 seconds to the next song.
3.When the public use, you can bring headphones to use. Plug in the headset, the release function automatically shut down.
4.When the battery is low- red flashing state, plug in the data cable charge- red, charging complete- blue. Data cable can be connected to the computer, you can download and delete songs.

[Technical Parameters]
Power: <6W
TF card: 128MB
Voltage: DC3.7V
Adapter Output: DC 5V – 1000mA
Working current: 900mA
Massage Time: 15 minutes default
Charging Time: 3.5H

– Please don not use it when it is charging.
– Children or people with disabilities need to use this instrument in special care.
– Please do not for treatment purposes.
– Please do not use this messager in drunk or body is not timely.
– Please start this massager after you wear it perfectly in order to prevent excessive pressure on the air bag, damage it.
– Temperate above 38 Degrees(fever) do not use.

[Packing List]
1 x Main Controller
1 x User Manual
1 x USB data cable
1 x Power Charger
1 x Storage bag