Dream Zone Sound Machine – Relaxing Sleep Therapy for Home, Office, Baby & Study – 6 Unique Music Settings, Timer, USB Charging Ports & Flickering Night Light – Ocean, Rain & River Sounds (Silver)


Awaken better sleep at the touch of a button!

Whether you’re calming a restless newborn or escaping the clattering chaos of the city, this powerful Sound Machine from Dream Zone is the ultimate solution for routine relaxation. The versatile speaker performs a variety of functions, aiding young and old users alike as they strive for sleep, study, tranquility and calm. Choose from 6 unique sound settings as the sleek, gorgeous box provides a glimmering glow and convenient timer for your resting pleasure. No more tossing, turning and weak ‘white noise’ with little results. Our powerful effects block out background distraction and lull little ones to sleep without worry, so add a Sound Machine to your cart today, and experience the rest of your life!

    All-In-One Relaxation

    There’s no need for different devices for mom and baby. This versatile speaker supplies the perfect combo of peaceful sound and powerful volume to drown out commotion and ensure a solid snooze for all.

    6 Stress-Relieving Sounds

    Escape office distraction, stress, anxiety and loud background noise with the most pleasing sounds found in nature. Settings include ocean, rain, brook, summer night, thunder and white noise.

    A Beacon in the Night

    Parents of newborns avoid waking their precious angels as they perform around-the-clock checkups and take bathroom breaks by the light of a flickering flame. The built-in light truly is as gentle as a candle.

    Easy Energy Savings

    Preserve power and ensure optimal sleep with a built-in timer featuring optional intervals of 15, 30 and 60 minutes. A headphone jack and two USB ports also let you charge your devices while you recharge yourself.