Dr. Schnuffie’s Cold + Flu – Immune Support Boost – High-Potency Multi-Vitamins and Natural Herbal Extract Blend – Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Botanical Wellness Formula – 30 Capsules


Healthy Solutions for Immunity Support

Maybe you are reading this thinking about the last time you had a nasty cold or the flu, or even worse, perhaps you’re sick right now. Either way, you’re probably thinking yes, you could provide your body with more vitamin immune support and you’re right! Formulated by a doctor and backed by science, Dr. Schnuffie’s Cold + Flu was designed to be a safe and smart immune-system booster for stubborn colds. It offers high doses of vitamins A, C, and D, combined with Zinc, plus a gentle combination of immune-boosting herbal extracts.

Dr. Schnuffie’s Cold + Flu High-Potency Formula was developed by an experienced MD physician who spent years carefully crafting a blend of high-potency vitamins with time-tested botanical extracts. The doctor used this nutrient and botanical blend in his own private Massachusetts practice for many years with hundreds of his patients. Now he’s sharing it with you! This all-natural cold medicine relief works to strengthen immune system health by providing nutrients and minerals on a daily basis. This way when flu time and cold season roll around again, your body will have a stronger natural defense ready and waiting to defend!

The Toughest Scarecrow Against Flu Birds

The Flu Birds, Flu Gangs, and the Cold Viruses are out there planning their attacks every single day using all the heavy duty artillery they can gather. Lucky for you, gathering intelligence is not one of their strengths. They always feel ambushed by a healthy immune system strengthened by support supplements. The best way to keep the schniffles and schneezes at bay is to take a Dr. Schnuffie’s once a day!

American Made

Dr. Schnuffie’s is manufactured domestically in strict adherence to the Food and Drug Administration’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) for Dietary Supplements.

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