DIY: A Beginner’s Guide To Reflexology For Stress Management, Pain Treatment, and Healthy Living (Self Massage, Massage, Massage Therapy, Pain Relief, … Relaxation, Alternative Remedies)

DIY Guide To Reflexology Has Never Been Easier

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Did you know that reflexology, an ancient and alternative form of medicine, can treat even modern pains and illnesses? Reflexology has taken a modern turn but still with principles firmly embedded in its origins and practiced in its applications.

One of the main advantages of reflexology is that you can apply many of its techniques right at the comfort of your home and without the need for any professional help. This means that if you learn the DIY techniques of reflexology then you can self-heal yourself to live the life you truly deserve!

Grab a copy now and instantly learn DIY techniques for your body

=>Are you living a life limited by stress, tensions, sickness and other illness?

=>Are you fed up with the side effects of the medicines you take that may heal you yet cause another set of new illness to treat?

=>Do you want to become less reliant on these treatments and more dependent on your ability to self-heal?

=>Do you want healing that is non-invasive, cost-effective and most importantly safe?

Reflexology is the key to resolving these worries head on and without fear of negative repercussions.

Reflexology offers you a wide variety of techniques that can be used in combating illnesses that plague you. The advantage of reflexology lies in its principles and methods that when practices becomes truly effective.

What You Can Expect From This DIY Guide:

Overview of reflexology, such as qi and the flow of energy, the reflex zones of the feet and palms and the proper application of pressure

•DIY techniques for foot reflexology that can address muscle tension, stomach discomforts and stress. Ideas on how to prep before a session is also discussed.

DIY techniques for hand reflexology that can address headaches and migraines sleep disturbances and toxins. Ideas on special considerations to be done when you plan to have a hand reflex session are also added

•DIY techniques for other parts of the body, including the hands and feet are also added that can address other common illnesses, such as coughs and colds, asthma, hypertension, eye tension, diabetes, menstrual pain, skin disorders and UTI.

If you want access to another option to promote your health and well-being aside from traditional and Western medicine, then you need to read this book. Start applying the techniques on reflexology and begin living a healthy life!

Are you ready for the miracle of reflexology?



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