Deep Tissue Massage: Jargon-Free Guide to Relieve Stress and Live Relaxed [Alternative Medicine for Natural Holistic Healing] (Deep Tissue Massage Therapy. … Therapy. Stress Management. Relaxation.)

***You Owe Your Body a Much Needed Vacation NOW!***

Isolate yourself from all the chaotic stresses of the world. You owe it to yourself to take a moment out of your busy lifestyle to revitalize your body. Are you constantly dealing with certain chronic pains which never seem to go away? Deep tissue massage is a holistic therapy which focuses on curing the root causes of symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves. This alternative medicine yields quick results and allows for a deep sense of relaxation to rid your bodily pains and manipulate them into rejuvenated energy.

Deep Tissue Massage can swiftly aid in curing the following

– Sports injuries

– Overuse of certain muscles

– Limited mobility

– Whiplash

– Osteoarthritis pain

– Fibromyalgia

– Tennis elbow

– Sciatica

– Lower back pain

– Injuries due to slips and falls

– Stiff neck

– Muscle tension or spasms in the legs, hamstrings, upper back, quadriceps

– Repetitive strain injury like carpal tunnel syndrome

– Everyday minor strains or discomforts

The Massage Techniques

Deep tissue massage uses a variety of healing techniques such as active motion, passive motion, and static pressure, negative pressure and muscle Capping. Do not be intimidated if these words sound unfamiliar, this book cuts out the ideological jargon of difficult subjects and streamlines key concepts to simply explain the processes in a few sentences.

Some of the Most Appreciated Benefits Include:

•Pain relief and management

•Reduces chronic muscle, tendon and ligament pain and tension

•Improves blood circulation and lymphatic circulation

•Lowers blood pressure

•Rehabilitates injured muscles

•Relieves stress

•Improves posture, flexibility and physical appearance

•Rids the body of toxins

This simple guide is a walk-through of all the important questions you may have about the processes related to deep tissue massage and covers topics such as:

Chapter 1: What Is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

Chapter 2: How It Works

Chapter 3: Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Chapter 4: How Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Helps

Chapter 5: Techniques and the Cost of Therapy

Chapter 6: Pros and Cons

Chapter 7: Treatment Options

Chapter 8: Before and After Results

Chapter 9: The Final Verdict


This is NOT just another boring guide for massage therapy-there are too many out there as it is. You want to be a better informed consumer of health care and get a piece of mind to enhance your knowledge in order to get the “best bang for your buck”, this book is definitely for YOU!