DEEP HEALING SLEEP CD: Deep Relaxation, Guided Imagery Meditation and Affirmations Proven to Help Induce Deep, Restful Sleep


With Nancy Hopps’ award-winning soothing voice and professional, heartfelt delivery, you will drift into a deep, healing sleep you so richly deserve. Most people report never getting to the end of the CD!

What some might call hypnosis relaxation, sleep hypnosis, or self-hypnosis techniques, the well-designed guided imagery, deep breathing and relaxation techniques and a beautiful sequence of simple affirmations — have distinguished this CD as one of the most effective non-prescription sleep aids on the market.

The various relaxation processes and inspired guided journeys on this 60-minute CD sequentially facilitate ever-deepening relaxation and sleep to
* Deeply relax the body
* Calm an overactive mind
* Release emotional stress and anxiety

Suitable for all ages, this popular guided imagery CD includes an in-depth 16-page booklet with simple, effective suggestions on how to sleep. Whether you re dealing with an ongoing sleep disorder, or temporary sleep problems or insomnia due to
* Emotional stress
* Menopause symptoms
* Acute or chronic pain Or other sleep deterrents or sleep-disturbing conditions

This CD is said to have been
* “Lifesaving!”
* “The only thing that saved my sanity.”
* “An invaluable natural sleep aid.”
* “The best gift I ever bought myself!”

Nancy gently and lovingly leads you to facilitate deep mind-body relaxation to obtain the deep, healing sleep you deserve.