David Kirsch’s Ultimate Family Wellness: The No Excuses Program for Diet, Exercise and Lifelong Health


Fitness and nutrition are vital to your family’s health. Your family is constantly on the move, juggling busy routines, and it’s not always easy for everyone to stay fit, eat well, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. David Kirsch’s Ultimate Family Wellness provides your whole family with the information you need to improve nutrition, maintain physical fitness, and live healthier.

This program, created by wellness expert David Kirsch, is more than just a step-by-step plan. It’s a guide to help you, and your family, make simple changes to your daily routine that will provide valuable lessons toward an all-around healthy lifestyle.

Fully customizable for adults of any body type, David Kirsch offers his no-excuses 5-5-5® exercise and diet program (five moves, five days, five pounds), to help you improve your fitness level, shed unhealthy weight and at the same time, instill in your family a true passion for fitness and health. Losing the first five pounds in five days is just the jumpstart to feeling and incorporating a new nutritional and fitness philosophy into your day-to-day life. The 5-5-5 plan is so much more than a weight – loss plan; it is a lifestyle plan and philosophy that will forever transform how you and your family look at diet and exercise! By combining enjoyable activities such as family time in the gym, scooter rides, swimming, running and hop scotch, to name a few, your family will discover and embrace the joy and benefits of an active life that goes beyond just pumping at the gym. In David Kirsch’s Ultimate Family Wellness, you’ll also discover ways to keep your body fueled and burning fat. Reduce the time in your kitchen with nutritious and delicious recipes that your whole family can make.

Finally, make it last with David Kirsch;s approach to staying mindful, living well, and staying happy and healthy. If it’s time for you and your family to make a change, or you simply want tips to improve the overall health profile for you and your family, David Kirsch’s Ultimate Family Wellness is exactly what you need. With a foreword from author, singer, actress, and fellow parent to twins, Jennifer Lopez.

“David’s philosophy gives you creative, realistic and exciting ways to help you and your whole family be healthy together.” – Liv Tyler

“In my work speed and precision are the difference between success and failure. David Kirsch recognizes that the stakes regarding personal health and fitness are just as high, and like the top drivers on the track he brings focus and intensity to his work, while still making it an amazingly fun ride. His new book, David Kirsch’s Ultimate Family Wellness, is sure to help keep you and your family on track for a fun, healthy, and fit life.” – Jeff Gordon

“I have worked with and known David for over three years and consider him not only my fitness/wellness guru, but more importantly, my trusted friend. No matter your age or physique, David’s new book, David Kirsch’s Ultimate Family Wellness, can help you get results and look and feel your best without sacrificing time with your friends and family. It worked for me. It can work for you. I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with his daughters Emilia and Francesca – both in and out of the gym and have seen how David has so beautifully taught and exposed them to a healthy (and fun) lifestyle. On a lighter note, Francesca can still kick my butt when it comes to pushups. I have also been a guest at one of his sumptuous Thanksgiving family and friends dinner and can vouch for his fine culinary acumen. It was one of the healthiest, most delicious home cooked meals I have ever eaten! I can’t wait to try the new recipes and encourage you to experience David’s 5 – minute plank workout. It helps shape and tone my body in no time!” – Kate Upton