CQ Wellness Pick Up Grabber Reaching Tool, 32 Inch, 2-Pack


CQ Wellness 32-inch pick up grabber reaching tool, 2-Pack.

This versatile reaching aid from CQ Wellness is designed for picking up small or lightweight objects around the home, in the garden. It’s really useful for a person who has difficulty or finds it uncomfortable to bend or stretch when reaching. It’s therefore suitable for a variety of people, including those who use a wheelchair or who have mobility difficulties and those who suffer from back or hip pain. It can be used to pick up a wide variety of everyday objects and is ideal for litter picking. You can use it to close the curtains, pick objects out of high cupboards, pick up the post or newspaper, reach for the TV remote – the list is endless.

The CQ Wellness grabber features a long, aluminum shaft with a trigger-like handle at one end and a grabber at the other end. to pick something up, all that is required is to hold the handle with fingers gently placed round the trigger, reach up or across to the item easily without straining, squeeze the trigger to open the grabber jaws, then release trigger to close jaws around the object.

The ergonomically designed handle enables all fingers to be placed on the trigger, making it suitable for a person with limited grip strength as they can use a fist grip. It also has rubber-lined jaws which provide extra grip when lifting a more slippery object. The CQ Wellness Grabber is 32-inch long and weighs 8 oz.

All genuine CQ Wellness products come with a 2-year warranty and 100% CQ Wellness Satisfaction Guarantee to make your purchase worry free. Simply contact us or your vendor if you have any questions. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.